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Peer Groups

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  • You can add me to your list of very satisfied users. Mango has not only substantially helped our inventory record accuracy without having to count the entire store, it has pointed out hidden opportunities to add new items that are selling at peer stores. Mango also gives me a great perspective on how we are performing compared to other stores. Dan has also been very helpful in helping me to better understand the Epicor system.
    Bill Damman, Beverly Hills Ace Hardware
  • Mango Report has been the most revolutionary inventory count maintenance tool we have ever seen. Couple that with an unbelievable low cost, and ease of use, you would be making a huge mistake to not take advantage of this gift Dan has created. Product pays for itself in the first couple pages of the first report. A real eye opener no matter how much retail experience you have.
    Brian Kabat, Frontier Ace Hardware
  • I have been using Mango for 8 eight months.  The process has helped us and has become part of our culture because we are focused on proactively managing our inventory.  We have always wanted to but did not have the tools, now we do.  We have found theft patterns.  We have found items we sell on a regular basis that were out that we could not find and are now selling again.  I can’t say enough about it.
    John Arterburn, Pinnacle Peak Ace Hardware
  •  We were a poster child for Cycle Counting until Mango came around. Shortly after we started utilizing Mango, my staff decided we no longer needed to Cycle Count... Our IRA (inventory record accuracy) on random counted items has only inched higher since we started with Mango Report. The time savings we realize between Cycle Counting and Mango is huge. This should become a Best Practice for all stores serious about maintaining their inventory.
    Randy Patzer, Garden City Ace Hardware

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